Kage & Niten Seminar

July 14 - 16, 2023

Instructor: Colin Watkin, Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu Menkyo and Shihan of Kage Ryu Choken Battojutsu

Tombo Dojo - 452 Red Bay Rd, Mar, ON

Please contact Rachel Brown with any questions:  brownr@uoguelph.ca

Registration Form

The registration fees are:  $140 per day, $250 for the weekend

Please send fees by EMT only to brownr@uoguelph.ca.

Tentative schedule (subject to change):


- evening: HNIR / Kageryu (Kim’s cabin)


- Morning: HNIR (Kim’s cabin)

- Afternoon: Kageryu (outdoors at the Red Bay Lodge)


- Morning: HNIR (Kim’s cabin)

- Afternoon: Kageryu (outdoors at the Red Bay Lodge - short class, since some folks might need to go home early)


Free accommodations:

Staying at Kim’s cabin. We have some spare sleeping bags at the cabin, and room for around 8 people. You can also bring a tent and camp at Kim’s property.

Paid accommodations in the area:

- Red Bay Lodge: https://redbaylodge.com/

- Various cottages in the neighbourhood available through Airbnb.


- Breakfast and lunch at the cabin. We will provide breakfast (oatmeal/cereal/yogurt/toast/etc.) and lunch (BBQ burgers/sausages). For dinner and beers, we usually go to the Red Bay Lodge.