The May Seminar

CKF International Spring Jodo and Iaido Seminar and Grading

33rd Annual - May 19-22, 2023

Originally the Sei Do Kai Spring Iaido Seminar, when I say "May" this is what I mean because it pretty much takes over my life for that month. 

- The Pamurai



Takao Momiyama sensei

Ohmi Goyo sensei

Kim Taylor Sensei

Carole Galligan sensei


Morimoto Kunifumi sensei

Fujisaki Koro sensei

Rene Van Amersfoort sensei

Christopher Mansfield sensei

Corinne Marie Dit Moisson sensei

Takao Momiyama sensei


Registration is Closed. You can still register At-the-Door.

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This year's schedule is now current. In addition to the main schedule proper, being taught by our official delegation, there are classes Friday afternoon and evening and on Monday afternoon there will be a short Niten Ichi Ryu seminar. The schedule for these extra classes can be found here.

The Athletics Centre has informed me that the work on the floor in the West Gym won't be done in time for our event. The main space for the seminar will be the Mitchell Gym, formerly the "Main Gym", this space should be familiar to those who've attended before, and will be where registration happens, tables are set up, opening and closing ceremonies happen, and the Jodo grading is held.

Also, the Watson residence doesn't have food prep space, so I am making the kitchen in Lambton Hall (same place as the auction night, see map below) available for people to make breakfast Sat-Mon. For the sake of sane planning, please RSVP with me at

Hostel: either fill out and send this form to or visit there booking website here. The booking website doesn't seem to allow for check-in prior to the Saturday of the seminar, so if you need to check in on Friday and encounter this issue you'll have to email them anyway and ask them to modify your booking.

ZOOM: There won't be a zoom component this year, but we will take video and make it available afterwards.

Jodo grading registration is open (Iaido too, now)See here for details (scroll down). See here for general grading information.

On Covid restrictions, I had left a note on the registration from last year that UofG is requiring vaccination. This is no longer true, and I've updated the form to remove that note. Although I haven't heard anything, we may be required by the Japanese to wear masks, so please be prepared to do so.

University Hostel | The closest hotels to the University are the Days Inn ($) and the Delta Hotel ($$).

** For those who've registered for Sei Do Kai events so many times it's a habit, please note the change in our Payment Methods last year. **

Email me if you have questions at

Auction Dinner and Potluck

Athletics Centre

University of Guelph WF Mitchell Athletics Centre

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Seminar Waiver ↓↓  or click here

May Waiver.pdf