The May Seminar

CKF International Spring Jodo and Iaido Seminar and Grading

33rd Annual - May 19-22, 2023

Originally the Sei Do Kai Spring Iaido Seminar, when I say "May" this is what I mean because it pretty much takes over my life for that month. 

- The Pamurai



Christopher Mansfield sensei

Ohmi Goyo sensei

Carole Galligan sensei


Fujisaki Koro sensei

Morimoto Kunifumi sensei

Rene Van Amersfoort sensei

Corinne Marie Dit Moisson sensei

Takao Momiyama sensei


I have word from the hostel that our group will be given exclusive use of the Watson residence, near Lambton hall (see map below). They're are also preparing a new booking process, and they'll let me know the details as soon as it's open (should be before May 1).

University Hostel | The closest hotels to the University are the Days Inn ($) and the Delta Hotel ($$).

** For those who've registered for Sei Do Kai events so many times it's a habit, please note the change in our Payment Methods last year. **

Masking will be required for all participants.

Email me if you have questions at

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Seminar Waiver ↓↓  or click here

May Waiver.pdf

(last year's, but it's pretty typical)


The schedule shows the Zoom sessions in light blue. Click on the linked text of the art for the meeting you wish to join.

Registration is not required to join by Zoom. If you wish to donate to the event, see these Payment Methods. Thank you.

Meeting ID: 896 6662 7396

Passcode: Iaido2022

Meeting ID: 896 7244 2519

Passcode: 537205

University of Guelph WF Mitchell Athletics Centre

Auction Dinner and Potluck