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Yes, I make sageo on a Takadai I built myself.

My skills are still limited, and I only have time to make a couple each a year at most, as it's labour intensive.

I do it because I enjoy it, and appreciate the guidance towards the next project a custom order can provide.

Price $200 + lots of patience.

This includes the cost of the thread, which is usually DMC Satin and ranges from $30-$50.

I have books of patterns, options can be discussed.


The clothes made for the arts we practice generally assume that the taller you are the wider you are, and vice versa; but the reality is some people are short and wide, or have boobs and hips.

If you own an uwagi, obi, or hakama that is too long in any dimension please drop me a line. Sleeves can be shortened, hems can be raised, and sides taken in.

Generally, it's much harder to make things longer than shorter, so I try to advise people to get the size that is either correct or too long in all dimensions and adjust it to fit.

eg. a hakama of the right length that isn't wide enough doesn't fall right, it's better to get the right width and hem it up.

eg. a top that fits right in the body might have sleeves that are too short, or if you have more of your body in the front than in the back, the right size to give you coverage in the front can be too bulky in the back, but that can be fixed.

Priced at $20 per hour + $20 setup fee.


Obi are simple to make to spec: Height, Width, Fabric Type/Colour. Usually runs $60-$80, unless you want something unusual (like embroidery).

In general, I only make custom zekken,  uwagi or hakama if an off the rack option won't do (even with alterations). Because fabric and labour cost more in Canada and there's no economies of scale here we'll need to negotiate.

Email me if you have the need or want something special.